"Une Eglise Évangélique, de Formation, d'Adoration et de Prière"

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Weekly Bible Study.

Dr.Jean Damas Buteau Th.D, Senior Pastor

+ Know God - No Evil!

+ Know Evil - No God! 

You decide! 


Prayer Leader

Peace of the Lord be with you. Please kindly take a moment and let us know how can we help / pray for you.


Tabitha Ministries

Les Femmes de

La Maison de Dieu

Actes 9:36-42

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chaque Mardi 8:00 p.m.

Sur Le reseau de priere :

La Maison de Dieu.

904-512-0115 Code 664412*

Serum Spirituel

5:00 am- 5: 30 am

Du Lundi au Vendredi.

La Maison de Dieu, une Maison de Priere.


Dr.Jean Damas Buteau Th.D, Senior pastor, is sharing an interesting short video with his viewers

Bible Q&A

All your questions answered by the Bible.


Church secretary duties, are from 10a- 3pm. Monday -Friday. After hours, you can always address an e-mail to:



Rev. Dr. Jean Buteau,

Founder / Senior Pastor of La Maison de Dieu. This ministry has been in existance since 2004. Rev. Dr. Jean Buteau  is a spiritual Leader to several ministries in the US as well as a motivating force in elsewhere.

Family Church

Since 2009 La Maison de Dieu (LMDD)) has been an asset to the community and  becomes a light to those it serves. LMDD is much more than a church as it offers differents kind of services such as: Counseling, food distribution, clothing distribution, foreign Mission and worship experience.


La Maison de Dieu

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