"Une Eglise Évangélique, de Formation, d'Adoration et de Prière"

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Dr.Jean Damas Buteau Th.D, Senior Pastor

+ Know God - No Evil!

+ Know Evil - No God! 

You decide! 


Prayer Leader

Peace of the Lord be with you. Please kindly take a moment and let us know how can we help / pray for you.


Tabitha Ministries

Les Femmes de

La Maison de Dieu

Actes 9:36-42

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La Maison de Dieu.

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Nous marchons par la Foi et non par la vue !

Avec Sister Roseline

La Maison de Dieu, une Maison de Priere.

Dr.Jean Damas Buteau Th.D,
Dr.Jean Damas Buteau Th.D,

La famille du Pasteur Buteau

Pasteur Buteau
Pasteur Buteau

Dr.Jean Damas Buteau Th.D,
Dr.Jean Damas Buteau Th.D,

La famille du Pasteur Buteau

Associate Pastor


Dr.Jean Damas Buteau Th.D, Senior pastor, is sharing an interesting short video with his viewers

Bible Q&A

All your questions answered by the Bible.


Church secretary duties, are from 10a- 3pm. Monday -Friday. After hours, you can always address an e-mail to:



Rev. Dr. Jean Buteau,

Founder / Senior Pastor of La Maison de Dieu. This ministry has been in existance since 2004. Rev. Dr. Jean Buteau  is a spiritual Leader to several ministries in the US as well as a motivating force in elsewhere.

Family Church

Since 2009 La Maison de Dieu (LMDD)) has been an asset to the community and  becomes a light to those it serves. LMDD is much more than a church as it offers differents kind of services such as: Counseling, food distribution, clothing distribution, foreign Mission and worship experience.


La Maison de Dieu

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